Imagine the possibilities if you have Unlimited Options.

At Unlimited Options, we understand that you have many options for a home design professional to customize your pre-drawn home design, or provide custom home design services. The key to successfully selecting your designer is to ask some of the following questions:

Does your home design professional -

  • participate in, and is a member of, the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)?

  • have access to, and is associated with, national trend-setting designs?

  • participate in continuing education related to design and building codes through the International Code Council (ICC)

  • restructure your existing design impacted by the architectural modifications being made to your home design?

  • update the framing aspects of the existing design impacted by the architectural modifications being made to your home design?

  • update the entire plan set impacted by the architectural modifications being made to your home design, versus adding conflicting addendum pages to your home design?

  • provide optional Next Step services like material lists to assist you through the building process if needed?

Here at UO, our answer is “YES” to all the above – and more.

UO specializes in custom home designs and modifications to pre-drawn home plans. We partner with people involved throughout the home building process:

  • home owner

  • builders

  • the nation’s top residential designers, architects, and engineers

  • national home plan marketing/publishing firms 

We provide customized home design and drafting services to fulfill the needs and desires of all the stakeholders in each project. As mentioned, UO also provides Next Step services to our clients, to ensure they are prepared for the building permit and construction process.

Our partners have trusted us with their most valuable assets – their designs and their clients. Our commitment is to help ensure satisfaction for each individual and group involved all through the process. We are particularly dedicated to help each home owner fulfill their dream of building the house that will be their family’s home for many years to come. Our team of designers make it their mission to bring those dreams to life.


Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Eric Harmon, Owner and Principle
Direct: 763.255.1272
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 301
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Eric is the owner of UO, leading his team of designers to create possibilities for their customers. He is a professional member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) and the International Code Council (ICC).

Eric has been on the national scene in the residential design and construction industry since 1992. With that experience, he has become a nationally recognized and sought-after leader in the industry, making Team UO the new standard of expertise in the industry.

Eric is a problem solver, training his team to be the same for their clients. “Nothing is more rewarding than to see road blocks that individuals and companies thought existed disappear because of the alternatives UO offers,” he says. Eric emphasizes new experiences for both his customers and his team, serving and mentoring them to make an overall positive impact on the lives he touches.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Carrie Harmon, Co-owner and Office Administrator
Direct: 763.255.1278
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 305

Carrie fills many roles for UO – financials, human resources, cheerleader. Her strong support makes sure UO runs smoothly for both designers and clients. As a parent raising four teen-agers, Carrie knows how important it is for every family to have their ideal home. “My support allows UO’s designers to focus on our customers’ needs,” Carrie says. “I love seeing customers’ dreams become a reality.”


Zachary Swenson, SALES & Operations Manager
Direct: 763.251.2929
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 307

Zach, comes to the table with your budget in mind, and a passion to ensure you have the best experience ever! He reviews every initial inquiry and works with every clients’ lifestyle, and list of needs. With patience and resourcefulness, Zach works through all the ideas a client can bring. He ensures that all their creativity is turned into build-able home plans the builder can act upon. Whether it’s turning a craftsman style home into an adobe style, or quoting and designing a home on 20-foot-tall piers, Zach enjoys the challenge of making any dream a reality. 

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Jeremy Eyberg, Production and Relations Manager
Direct: 763.255.1277
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 304

Jeremy’s role as Production & Relations Manager allows him to do what he loves – develop positive relationships with both clients and UO team members. He’s determined to help UO designers bring their best to the clients’ designs. One unique project he’s designed - a house that had a slide from a built-in bar cabinet down to a playroom in the basement. Jeremy believes everyone can have fun in the design process – and it’s his job to make sure that happens.


Kirk Thunberg, Quality Assurance Manager
Direct: 763.255.1274
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 303

Kirk not only designs home plans, he reviews plans of other designers to ensure the final plan set meets UO’s high level of quality standards and can be used by a builder. “I need to know how each design feature relates to the design as a whole, and that it can actually be built”. Kirk says. “So I build the house in my head, as I review and design plans.” His attention to detail and flexibility to all the variations of designers UO works with and employs allow him to blend his necessary updates with the style of the designer who worked the customization, ensuring the client’s dream comes to life.


Dave Moss, Associate CAD Designer/Construction Specialist
Direct: 763.290.1152
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 310

Dave, an experienced builder, designer, estimator and everything in between, has discovered the one thing that we all need - patience. With all his years in the industry, he can always learn something new from the people he meets. Dave will bring his contracting experience to his advise, designs and estimates. He enjoys working with families, learning about their different perspectives. Those perspectives allow him to offer more solutions for each home design challenge. Dave’s licensure in general contracting helps him ensure his final home design, material list, job costing report, and advise not only meet the client’s vision, but meet the builder’s needs in meeting code requirements. 


Ana McKay, Associate CAD Designer/Office Assistant
Direct: 763.390.0337
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 308

Ana is focused on customer service, whether in home plan designing or assisting with office procedures. She is driven and has a passion for making sure the clients’ needs are met. “Even answering the phone gives me an opportunity to make someone’s day a little better,” she says. She’s dedicated to understanding what her clients desire, and then making it work. Every new project lets her learn more about what home-owners dream of and how to incorporate those dreams into her designs. 


William Longstreet, Associate CAD Designer
Direct: 763.255.1273
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 302

William enjoys the variety of people and designs he gets to work with every day. His experience has had him work on houses in both the U.S. and internationally. This has expanded his knowledge of construction requirements. This knowledge lets him approach customization with innovative ideas that are build-able. William helps his clients achieve their vision for their new home.


Caleb Swenson, Associate CAD Designer
Direct: 763.390.0072
Toll free: 866.441.2143 ext. 309

Caleb brings the creativity from his personal woodworking hobby, and passion for client satisfaction to every design project. Caleb loves helping clients obtain their dream, even if their initial dream wasn’t work-able. With UO, nothing is impossible. Caleb will collaborate with the team and will make it happen. “It’s a great feeling to hear from each client when they get excited seeing what’s on paper matching their vision and dreams,” Caleb says. 



Toll free: 866.441.2143

Brennen’s role here at UO covers many facets – from ensuring orders are set up and organized for the team, to supporting our computer and drawing needs so our designers can efficiently, and successfully, provide the nation’s best custom home design service experience to our clients. Brennen likes best coming to work knowing that he will learn something new and assist his coworkers so that they can spend more time on the technical aspects. Brennen likes anything computers, creating music, and helping others. You may not speak to him directly on the phone, but rest assure he is playing a huge role behind the scenes.