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Imagine the possibilities if you have Unlimited Options!

You will always have customers who want “just a change or two” to make your initial design their perfect dream home. Or who have a vision so distinctive that they need a design customized specifically for them. UO can help support you or your staff in both areas, as well as be your back-up and back-office drafting team. With UO, you can meet those new design deadlines from publishers, hit customer project target dates, and never turn away work. Contact us today to take advantage of our skills for your benefit.

modifications services

UO’s expert team has over 125 years of cumulative experience, working with leading architects, designers, and plan publishers. Our team’s proven capability ensures a deep understanding of the “hows and whys” of home design, so you can trust us to modify your designs without compromising the integrity of your plan.

Our team specializes in developing trusting relationships with home owners, to ensure we can help them see their dream come alive in your design. Our industry-leading royalty program means you’ll benefit from the modification process, just as the customer does.

Next Step Services

A client purchasing your plans is just the beginning of their home building process. There are numerous steps they need to deal with in order to get their final dream home. UO offers Next Step services to help your clients through this complicated process. We’re experts in material lists, energy calculations, beam calculations, wall bracing calculations, state certifications, and BIM 3D modeling. Through UO, you can offer your customers even more services to help ensure their satisfaction with your business. Learn more details here.

Custom Plan Designs

There are many ways custom plan designs can be part of your business, if they aren’t already.

  • new concepts you want to bring to the marketplace

  • customers with a unique vision for a fully custom home

  • upate a great floor plan with a new elevation or style (i.e. Southwest, Craftsman, etc.)

  • begin offering custom design, but not sure you’ll have time to do the work

Back-Office Drafting Team

Let UO be your back-office drafting team. With our nationally recognized skill set, our design team and construction specialists can assist in bringing your new designs to the marketplace by preparing the construction plans. This will allow you to spend more time doing what you love – designing -- while UO prepares your buildable construction plan set.

Don’t miss out on revenue because of staffing restraints. Let UO’s team become extensions of your staff so you can offer customer satisfaction and expand your business. Contact us today!