Office/Technical services

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Your designs are the most visible and valuable element of your business. But there is a lot of back-office work that must be done to support your designs and keep your business up-to-speed. These services are a major part of keeping your customers satisfied. UO can work seamlessly with you and your staff to ensure these services are top-notch. Contact us today so we can begin helping you office run most effectively.

Standard Plan Fulfillment

Plans, once designed, must be handled efficiently to keep customers happy. UO can help you in all aspects of plan fulfillment.

  • phone inquiries

  • printing and shipping

  • follow up with customers to see if they require help with construction services (which we offer as part of our services to clients)

Plan Maintenance

Your plan portfolio is one of your greatest assets. As such, it should be maintained to ensure its full usage any time it’s needed. This includes items such as:

  • updating your designs for the IRC code

  • portfolio updates

  • new architectural styles

  • alternate foundations

  • reversed plans

  • construction or technical support

UO can help you keep your portfolio up-to-date, so it is ready for use at any moment.

Estimating Services

UO can provide your customers with complete estimating and cost to build services. We can take the challenge of providing this labor-intensive option out of your timeline, while still allowing you to provide the add-ons that all customers are asking about.

Technical Support

Customers and their builders will always have technical support questions during the building process. UO can help you tap into the experience of the entire building industry by taking these support questions, either by the hour or on a monthly subscription service basis.

international residential code(IRC) Conversion 

UO has worked with the nation’s leading designers and architects to update their plan portfolios with the proper IRC conversion. We are proud, active members of International Code Council (ICC), who is responsible for the IRC, so you can rely on our accuracy and efficiency in working with your plan portfolio as well.

Let UO assist with the demanding changes and focus in building codes. Codes change every 3 years on average, and we are right there with the change by providing building code specification pages for your plan sets. No need to redo your entire portfolio when you can add code specification pages to supplement your design sets. Our specification pages cover all the hot topics in the IRC code, and we provide them to you in CAD so you can personalize them with your own title block and contact information.

Contact us today so we can get started together.