custom plan services

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Imagine the possibilities if you have Unlimited Options! You will always encounter customers who have a unique home design in mind and just can’t find a stock plan that suits them. And, of course, you want to help them bring their vision to life and close a contract to build. UO and our expert design team can help you and your customer through the complicated process of home plan design. UO’s custom design process includes:

  • conceptual design consultation

  • preliminary plan review and acceptance

  • preparation of final, fully build-able construction plans

    • specifications and construction methodologies

    • elevations

    • floor plans

    • foundation plans

    • electrical schematic

    • cross sections

    • framing plans

    • roof plan

    • construction details

 Your customer’s fully customized plans will give you, the builder, all the information you need to proceed with up-to-code construction. Let UO be your partner in one-of-a-kind home design.

Contact us to get the design process started.