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Imagine the possibilities if you have Unlimited Options!

House designs are just the beginning of your home-building journey. UO offers numerous services to help you through the design stage to make sure you end up with the home design of your dreams.  Contact us today to begin your personalized project.

Home Plans

UO partners with the nation’s top residential designers, architects, engineers, and publishing firms in the home design industry. You can contact your preferred plan seller or designer/architect for the original plans. Then let UO modify those plans to meet the vision you have for your ideal home. Though we partner with many more, See below for a small sampling of the national companies we partner with.

Plan Modifications

The house plans you purchase give you the structure needed to build your vision. But you’ll want to make this primary plan your own with personalized modifications. Your UO designer will help you tailor the design plans and construction services to suit your specific needs. Before any work begins, UO will provide you with a detailed proposal and quote so you know exactly what to expect from the modification process. Click here to see an example proposal.

Custom Plan Designs

 Do you have a dream for a unique home that you can’t find anywhere else? UO’s team can help you bring that custom design to life. UO excels at making the complicated process of home plan design achievable. We’ll work side by side with you on:

  • conceptual design

  • preliminary plan review and acceptance

  • preparation of final, fully buildable construction plans

 Your fully customized plans will give your builder all the information they need to proceed with sound, up-to-code construction. Make your one-of-a-kind home design a reality with UO!

UO's Plan Partners

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Contact us today so we can begin designing your dream home together!